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Is the Future Safe?

written by Nathanael Forstved on September 02, 2002
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Since the dawn of mankind we humans have tried to make life for ourselves easier and more enjoyable. Has modern day technology made us too lazy or has it made us closer togethar?

Humanity has become lazy and selfish and most people don't even think "out of the box" anymore. What does this mean? Well back in the late 60's and 70's the United States government set out on a program to set the first human on the moon and return him safely to the earth. This program was called project Appolo and lasted from 1963-1972. Of the seven missions set out to land on the moon only one had technical malfunctions. Even then mission control located at Houston, Texas, and the Appolo 13 crew handled the situation with great care and responsibility. The end result got the Appolo 13 crew safely back to earth without a single casualty. Back then they had to think "out of the box" because alot of the technology used in the Appolo program never even existed before hand.

Then the onslaught of entertainment happened in the early 70's. Humanity's resolve weekend and was replaced by fantasy. Did you know the average American spends about three hours and fourty six minutes a day watching television? This is equivalent to over 52 days a year of nonstop television watching! Another interesting statistic is at the age of 65 the average American would have spent over 9 years watching the TV!

With 98% of the American populace having at least one TV in there home both economic and scientific growth are at risk! Now let's think about this for a second or two. If you have 98% of the population having at least one Television in the house, and the average home has the TV on 7hrs and 12min a day, how are you going to progress? The average American youth spends 1,500 hours of watching TV a year, and only 900 hours in school. Compare these two facts! Do you see a problem here? Remember the youth are the ones who inevitably are going to control the country, and if they waste over 1,500 hours a year on TV how educated are they going to become?

It is proven that with technology comes responsibility, and with time only more technology will emerge. Television is a huge industry, and with time will only become bigger. Do you have the discipline to say no, or will you let the future pass you by?

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