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Begin a Red Colony Chapter

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So you want to begin a Red Colony Chapter?

If you have an existing Mars group or astronomy club, or if you don't, all you have to do is be willing to pledge support to the global Mars community. This means making regular contributions to Red Colony.com, either through submitting articles, being active in the forum, or even joining MarsDrive.

What else can a Red Colony Chapter can do?

  • Hold regular meetings with its members to discuss Mars colonization and terraforming issues and ideas.
  • Participate in online discussions and foster the creation of mission architectures for Red Colony or other websites.
  • Go on field trips to a local observatory or scientific conference.
  • Volunteer within the community or at school, spreading the members' knowledge of colonization and terraforming, while seeking new Mars enthusiasts.

  • We have only two prerequisites:

  • You must be a student or teacher of the university, college, or high school for which you are registering.
  • You must have at least one other person in your Chapter.

  • That's it! To apply for a charter just fill out the form below. If your Chapter is approved, welcome to the global scene! You will receive an email with a unique username and password for accessing and updating your Chapter's information page, and for uploading your own small (5mb) website to chapters.redcolony.com. The email will contain instructions for setting up these features, and help with setting up and maintaining your Red Colony Chapter. Good luck!

    Name of Chapter:
    ie. Red Colony University
    Short Name of Chapter:
    ie. RCU
    City, State, Country
    Your name
    Leader's Email:
    Your email
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    Member List:
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    Please understand that, if your school requires it, you must seek officially-recognized status to exist as a student organization.

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