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RC Team Red Colony was founded with a simple purpose in mind: to interest the world in colonizing Mars, and to figure out how to do it. It's been over four years, and we've been doing that... slowly. We've had a few bumps along the road (growing pains you could say) but we're still chugging away. With college, it's hard to keep up with the cost of maintaining the site. But then again, it's hard to keep up with the cost of eating... that's just the way college is :-)

So when it comes down to it, we're asking for money, right? Well, any money we receive in donations or from the store does go to relieve our webhost bill, but there's so much more we want to do. There are literally dozens of improvements we'd like to implement. For one, expanded PHP capabilities are a must. Also, our current webhost can't handle enormous traffic volume--a problem that is becoming more apparent every day. The forum can be improved, for another thing, to be more fully integrated with the site and articles. Most alluring of all, we can only dream of holding annual Red Colony conventions, where enthusiasts and experts could meet to form the building blocks for the colonization and terraformation of Mars.

But perhaps the most valuable thing we could do with our money is to begin advertising Red Colony online.

Right now, Red Colony does not advertise anywhere on the Internet. Advertising rates are usually sky-high; empty space on a popular website is prime real estate. We are investigating advertisements on the Mars Society website,, and even CNN Space. Banners there would bring in literally thousands of visitors and open up opportunities for publication. We could gain recognition in physical newspapers and magazines, raising awareness of Red Colony and Mars colonization! Imagine a story in Time!

Please consider a donation. Any amount is welcomed and thoroughly appreciated. Click on the link below to donate through Pay Pal.

We are not an official United States-recognized organization, although our proceeds are not used for personal profit. You can read our mission statement here.

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