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5.9 million square kilometers

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This is Mars in it's best preserved original state. In large areas of Tharsis, Solis and Thaumasia the whole terraforming process has hardly left any visible traces. In ninety percent of this area you'll need breathing gear. The few cities here all still have their urban roofs, tents and domes. An exception is of course the Marineris area, the "Scars of Mars"; this spectacular valley system with it's steep mileshigh walls, clear lakes and dense forests offers a lot of scenic beauty. The maze of Noctis Labyrinthus, west of Marineris with just a few patches of green in the lower areas is another amazing place to explore. This was the location of the first permanent Marsbase, that over time has grown into the present day city of Noctis. K.S. Robinson, in the late twentieth century, already understood that the south rim of Pavonis Mons, at 27 kilometer above sea level and right on the equator, is the best site for a space elevator. These days Stairwayfromheaven is still the Gateway to Mars.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.