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5.9 million square kilometers

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Together with Hellas, further east, Argyre is the only place where Green Mars has made inroads into the still overwhelmingly Red southern hemisphere. Close to the northern coasts of Lake Argyre you may find an occasional palm tree but in general the cold southern winters make it hard for subtropical vegetatition, even if genetically modified, to survive. In the month of Ozulikan however all snow in the Argyre region has melted and especially around Leveza the hillsides are carpeted with wildflowers.

The equatorial regions of Russellia, Margaritinia and Nova Brasil have tremendously hot summers, but in winter you should be prepared for any kind of weather. The chain of lakes stretching from Marineris to Viking Bay is a heaven for lovers of all kinds of watersports.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.