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5.9 million square kilometers

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The water level in the Hellenic Sea is an incredible two kilometres higher than in the northern seas. The reason for this remarkable difference is that a large part of the southern hemisphere drains into Hellas, whereas a ring of high mountains to the north prevent large quantities of this water from flowing to the lowest point.

The physical barrier of the Sabaeus highland, the Hellespontes Mountains and other barren areas have caused this region to have a somewhat isolated position on Mars also in a cultural sense. The north of Hellas was part of the Chinese Territories for a long time; the other areas around this giant inland sea had a semi-official government at Baxter. After the reunification the region has become more integrated in the Union but the Hellenics are still considered a special kind of people, not in the least by themselves.

Schiaparelli, in the crater with the same name, north of Aureum, is one of the oldest cities on Mars. A major part of the original city was build underground as a protection against solar radiation. A spectacular maze of horizontal, vertical and diagonal streets and squares stretches as far as two hundred metres deep and much of it is still in use today.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.