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5.9 million square kilometers

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Lake Argyre is like an immense oasis in the otherwise arid southern hemisphere. And with the outskirts of the Tharsis highlands in the northwest, the Charitum Mountains in the south and Noach Desert in the southeast it's a nice base from which to explore the south. But also the lakeside itself has some sights to offer, like the new capital Imagine, founded in the tens on a peninsula on the southwestern shore. The city, built after a design by Mars' superstar architect Ramon Hoxha has two intricately interwoven sides to it: an official and a casual side, the front facade of one being the back facade of the other.

Even as far south as Cold Lake City the temperature in Vadeun can easily rise to some thirty degrees centrigrade, but the snow on higher elevations and the ice on shady parts of the lake don't melt completely. This combination has led to the Midsummer Wintersports Festival, rather a fun event than a real sports tournament.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.