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5.9 million square kilometers

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The moderating influence of the Hellenic Sea doesn't stretch far inland in the area near it's southwestern shore. Pretty soon after leaving Zond on the Japanese railroad, the forests turn into prairies, not much later making way for the splendid desolation of Noach Desert. After a small green patch at Merrikh Oasis the trains run through this arid, dusty land into the southern polar area, it's final destination -weather permitting- being Nozomi on the other side of the world. Further north are the rugged mountains of Bumpistan, finding place of a great variety of fossils, from the time, three billion years ago, that Mars, just like now, was a living planet. The city of Bowie has one of Mars' best Martian Football teams, the Bowie Spiders. At the Cup Final, every Wakumi, it's usually the Spiders against either Sporting Rio de Safundo or the Lovelock Mariners. The game has more or less the same rules as Terran Football (soccer), except that it's played on a field of 500 x 1000 meters.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.