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5.9 million square kilometers

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Quite a few of Mars' best known volcanoes are actually found on a relatively small area, from the 27-kilometre giants Pavonis and Ascraeus, to the smaller brothers Tharsis and Ceraunius or the enormous but quite flat Alba Patera. Echus Desert, in the rainshadow of the Tharsis highlands, is a striking contrast with the green slopes of Lunae. The almost subtropical Kasei Valley is the place where in 18 A.V. (2011 A.D.) Adrianne Shear was the first human to set foot on another planet.

Although camels are more a kind of pet than a beast of burden in the Echus region, the Camel Fair, mid-Heliba in Mangalabad is still a popular and colourful event.


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Maps and descriptions used only with permission from Frans Blok.