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Red Colony is made up of you: students, scientists, electricians, computer programmers, engineers—people of all ages and occupations. Red Colony is about the collective knowledge of the entire world, blind to politics and mindless procedure, coming together to colonize and terraform Mars. It will take sweeping dreamers and meticulous planners to organize every aspect of this field into a precise, and entirely logical, Plan. It will take an exhaustive formation of ideas, with amendments by the entire scientific community, to reach this end. But in this new age of globalization and information, Red Colony is bringing people together to create the first "open-source" scientific community to do what is ultimately best for the human race. Want to help?


  • You can submit an article or fiction.
  • The work submitted must be your property.
  • You must include your works cited if submitting an article.
  • You must include proper image credit for any images.


  • The benefits high speed train across Hellas Basin
  • How the rising sea-level will affect early-bioengineered Martian life
  • The culture of Martian cities versus European and American cities
  • A treatise on inter-global politics
  • The ethics of terraforming
  • A new terraforming method centered around a special species of lichen
  • Your ideas for raising funds for a colonization effort
...the possibilities are endless!

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